Our Team


Gursharn Kaur

Hi! My name is Gursharn Kaur and I was born in Burnaby, British Columbia (aka canada!) I grew up in Dallas, Texas and moved to the West Coast in grade 9 and have been in Seattle, WA since! I got the opportunity to study in the east coast (Providence, RI) about 6 years ago and that's where all projects and entrepreneurship began. Sikh Youth Association was founded on the basic principal of "ekta" which lead to a concept of acceptance and empowerment amongst the Sikh youth and community. There are many new projects we have lined up aside from Turban Day that we will be launching this year and I can't wait for the launch dates. When I'm not working I love spending time with family and friends and of course traveling is always a plus. Thank you for being patient and supporting us as we continue growing this association.

Simrat Kaur

I joined SYA because it's the perfect combination of some of the things I'm most passionate about. I love serving others, and I love meeting new people. SYA does a great job in setting up community events for serving all sorts of audiences: whether it be services like donating toys to foster children during the Christmas season, or even services like providing the larger community the knowledge behind a Sikh's turban through the annual Turban Day. These events call out for volunteers all throughout every community, as more individuals passionate about service come to help make these events possible. And that's what I love most, as I'm able to continuously meet more people all while being able to serve the community in various ways! 

Three fun facts about me:

  • 1) I have a blackbelt in taekwondo

    2) I absolutely adore Bollywood music

    3) I recently went on a volunteer medical outreach trip to the Dominican Republic


Jasleen Kaur

SYA represents passion & dedication. With the practice of Ekta, to become one, we are able drive events, opportunities, and spread positivity and love in our communities. We will always be “for the community to empower unity” and for that reason I am proud to be at home here with SYA.

Dream vacation place:

  • Blue Lagoon in Grindavik, Iceland


Sukhamjit Singh

Coming Soon.


Sukhjit Dhaliwal

Hi, my name is Sukhjit Dhaliwal. Currently, I am pursuing a graduate degree in Education Policy & Leadership Studies, at the University of Washington. I am working to tackle the complexities of bringing about change in our systems of public education through a racial-equity lens. SYA paves a way for me to authentically connect with my community. Moreover, it gives me an opportunity to collaborate with a team that shares a mutual determination to give back.

Dream vacation place:

  • My dream vacation is to go everywhere, all around the world.

Three fun facts about me
1) I am an absolute gym rat.

2) I can finish a whole bowl of Chipotle and then eat some more if I am hungry.

3) I am a die-hard fan of Punjabi and Hindi songs.


Jaskirat Singh

My dream vacation would be to sit at home with all my loved ones from across the world and just talk. I joined to help make a difference in the community

Three fun facts about myself:
I love playing basketball
2. I hope to be an Accountant one day
3. I love listening to old school hip hop and Panjabi music.


Steven Nieves

Coming soon.


Gurpreet Kaur

Coming soon.