For the Community To Empower Unity - Ekta


Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone currently living in the state of Washington.

What are the requirements for applying? 

Each applicant must fill out the form below and be able to dedicate time for meetings and events that take place throughout the year. We are looking for individuals that can commit time outside of their busy schedules to assist in the plannings of events as well as volunteering on the weekends.

When is the deadline?

The application will be closed by 11:59pm on September 30th, 2018.

How are the team members decided?

Once the deadline has passed our team will review your application and if we decide to move forward you will go through two interview processes. First will be via phone and the second will be in person.

We will have 2 Interview times available that you can select from.


Safeco Plaza
1001 4TH Ave Seattle, WA 98154

Interviews will be held in the evenings at 6:00pm


Kent, WA

Location: TBD

Interviews will be scheduled via phone and location determined thereafter.

Positions that we have available to apply.

Event Planner Marketing Director Financial Director Volunteer Coordinator Grant Writers

Photographer / Videographer


Please select from the following below for the role you would like to apply for. Keep in mind we are looking for individuals who have strong leadership skills and have experience in each field that they are applying for.
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Phone *
Where are you currently residing? (City, State) *
Where are you currently residing? (City, State)
Email resume to *
Once you have completed the application please email us your most up to date resume.
If selected which location do you prefer to attend.
If you are available for more than one day please list it in the section below

Thank you so much for applying for the SYA 2018 Team! We will be in getting in touch with you soon and wish you the best of luck!