Our organization assists in quarterly events where we actively get involved within the community via leading seminars, planning events, and providing resources for youth members of the community. 



Our largest event of the year and hosted in Seattle, WA with the purpose to share with the community of the Pacific NorthWest the arts, culture, food and heritage of the Sikh/Punjabi people. This year's event will be the 3rd annual one hosted under SYA. We’re proud that with each year of hosting this event we’ve been able to connect with many individuals

  • 4 successful turban day events

  • 1st year 2014 (tied 1,100 turbans)

  • 2nd year 2015 (tied 1,000 turbans)

  • 3rd year 2016 (tied 700 turbans

  • 4th year 2017 (tied 500 turbans)




1st scholarship Launch of $3,000 in the summer of 2017.

5 winners:

  1. Sharndeep Shoker won $1000
  2. Ramneet Kaur won $600
  3. Ajwinder Singh won $600
  4. Apars Walia won $400
  5. Sehaj Walia won $400

3 judges

  • Harwin Chauhan
  • Daman Khatra
  • Kulpreet Singh


  • An initiative launched in the 4th quarter of 2017
  • Raised $1,000 at Sacha Marg Gurdwara for Seattle Children's Hospital


Throughout the year we partner with local nonprofit groups and volunteer our time at soup kitchens, foster homes, and daycare centers. Beginning next quarter we will be lining up Seminars at University of Washington providing resources for university students in learning the importance of leadership, time management and als provide assistance in resume building, and assist with job placements after schooling is complete.